How to Create an Information Product that Makes a Worldwide Impact Kids are receiving education in Romania and people living in remote villages in Central America now have eyesight again…because of an online course.

Now we can’t take full credit.

The amazing members of ours who are doing those things are quite special. They have huge hearts and have worked hard.

But they have been successful, at least in-part, because of our
information product.

You too, can make an impact around the world with yours.

There’s a huge opportunity today to create great, results-focused online courses. Most people who create courses, don’t deliver anything other than promises.

When you follow the three principles I share with you below, you can truly changes lives.

We’ve been fortunate to help over 30,000 people from over 120 different countries with a little ol’ course we created back in 2012.

Our members have produced over $8.7 billion in revenue and donated over $100 million to charity.

The reception we get at our live events – and even in the streets of random cities – is amazing.

The impact is humbling.

Now it’s your turn.

Plan for Results

People don’t buy your information product to learn, they buy it because they want a result – the information is just a path to get there.

Everything you do, from how you structure your content to what bonuses you include, should be aimed at one thing and one thing only: results for your customers.

Help them get results and you’ll make a huge impact. It’s that simple.

If it doesn’t help them get better results, don’t do it.

If there’s something you can do that’s financially feasible that does help them get better results, do it.

If there’s an extra video you can ad, a special deal you can get them, a template, a resource, a checklist, or something else that will make their lives easier, add it in.

Spend as little time as possible teaching. Spend the majority of time giving them instructions on what to do to get the result they’re after.

Keep in mind when planning and delivering your information product, “How can I get them better and faster results?”, and you’ll have a product that’s better than 99% of everyone else’s.

Keep it Fresh

“Hey Matt, why does your course keep getting such good results and making so many sales while ours seems to be dying off?”

“Hmm, well, when is the last time you updated yours?”


That was a real conversation with a couple nice guys from Europe with a semi-competing course to ours about selling on Amazon.

They didn’t update their course for two years and wondered why it wasn’t
selling anymore.

People are giving you good money for a path to a result. To help them get that result, your course needs to be 100% up-to-date 100% of the time.

If an interface changes, update your training. If a strategy changes, update your training.

Give your people the best all-the-time.

That’s how you elevate it above the cheap information products out there people so eagerly rip off and download for free online.

We typically do a complete redo of our training once per year, a 50-60% update of the training once per year, and are constantly updating single videos throughout the year as things change.

This means at any point in the year, more than 50% of the videos have been created in the last six months.

You do this and your customers will love you and recommend your product.

Build a Tribe

Everyone wants a raving fan base of customers. Nobody knows how to build it.

You do it by doing things that don’t scale.

Personally answer support tickets. Personally respond to people in the community.

Respond to them personally on social media.

Do live video group coaching calls.

Talk with your customers on the phone or in-person.

Host live events to meet them face-to-face.

I did this for many, many hours when we first built Amazing.

Over time, we built a team of community leaders and content experts and I gradually transitioned out of this role.

But, I still love meeting our customers face-to-face. We still do videos. I still read social media posts. We still do live events.

You do this one comment, one person at a time. Over time, the impact builds and builds.

One big strategy you can use that’s worked great for us to build the tribe is to find people who love helping out in the community. Give them a title and special recognition (we call them Mentors).

Reward them with free access to your products. Treat them exceptionally well. They will help you build your community like nothing else.


Sometimes I sound like a broken record…but it’s a few simple things that make the biggest difference in business.

One is product quality. When it comes to information products, this means (1) delivering results and (2) keeping it up-to-date 100% of the time.

You do those two things and you will do well.

The third step is to build a tribe. Go beyond a transactional relationship with your customers. Get to know them, talk to them, listen to them, get in the trenches with them.

When you do that, they’ll tolerate a lot of your dumb mistakes – I’ve made plenty – because they know you care about them.

This is how, I believe, you can create a simple online course that makes an impact around the world.

I’d even like to help you make that impact.

Soon, I’m going to pick 5 people to do a FREE full launch analysis and review. One of them could be you 🙂

I’ve personally planned, executed, and analyzed over $100 million in launches of online information products. I’ve written the copy, planned the launches, and, a lot of the times, even run the ads.

Now I want to see if I can help you make more sales with your information product.

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